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Debbie Hancox

Welcome to the home of the Outlaw Anglia Racers Association

The few rules we have had since the formation of the class in 1992, make for some unique & spectacular Heads-up Drag racing.

bulletBody must be based on a "Sit-up-&-beg" style Ford - Anglia, Popular, Fordson or Prefect.
bulletWheelbase maximum 101 Inches.
bulletNo centre seat - Driver must be seated to one side.
bulletNo flip-up "funny car" style bodies.
bulletNo alteration of front windscreen angle.

           Important information. This site includes photo's from various credited sources, some with copyright restrictions. if you wish to use any photo's please follow the associated link back to the original site where relevant information can be obtained. if you wish to use any photo's credited to P.Wright please do so, but include a link back to this site. If you experience any problems please contact me. Thanks & enjoy.

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